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Left work early to take my son to get a haircut before he we had to be somewhere. Upon checking in I check first availability (since we were in a hurry) and it said we had 0 wait time, which is what I needed. We took our seat and waited to be called. After waiting about 20 minutes watching several stylist walking around then disappearing into the back, I had asked a stylist how much longer? She told me they would be right out then proceeded to tell the girls in the back that she needed someone to come out to cut hair as she was the only one cutting hair. Okay, I then sat back down and waited again. 10-15 minutes later a lady did come up walked to the front looked at all of the people waiting, glared any me then walked to the back again. I had waited long enoug, told them to take my son off the list (he was "on deck" for 15 minutes) we would go somewhere who wanted to make money. As I got to my car the madder I got. Went back in to ask if Rachel was still the Manager? Was told No. was told the manager was Tonya. I asked for her. She was off. Just then, 30-45 minutes after we checked in, remember 0 wait time, first available a girl came up to ask if my son was ready. Oh nevermind. I'd be ****! HORRIBLE!!!

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